Dr. Decuypere's Nutrient Charts
~~ Minerals Chart ~~

Use these charts to find the nutrient contents of your favorite fruits, nuts, proteins and vegetables.

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Mineralsare elements that originate in the soil and cannot be created by living things, such as plants and animals. Yet plants, animals and humans need minerals in order to be healthy. Plants absorb minerals from the soil, and animals get their minerals from the plants or other animals they eat. Most of the minerals in the human diet come directly from plants, such as fruits and vegetables, or indirectly from animal sources. Minerals may also be present in your drinking water, but this depends on where you live, and what kind of water you drink (bottled, tap). Minerals from plant sources may also vary from place to place, because the mineral content of the soil varies according to the location in which the plant was grown.

Note that I have listed only those foods which contain the listed vitamins in significant quantities. For more detailed information, please visit the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food & Nutrition Center.

Click the name of the mineral for detailed nutrient information:

Calcium nutritional information
copper nutritional information
iodine nutritional information
iron nutritional information
magnesium nutritional information
manganese nutritional information
phosphorus nutritional information
potassium nutritional information
selenium nutritional information
sodium nutritional information
zinc nutritional information
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