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Imagine if there were a scientific testing system that could discover exactly which foods and nutrition supplements you need and which you should avoid; and imagine if those scientific tests could be done in just a few minutes and at very little cost.

Would you be interested?

Well, such a scientific system does exist. It is called NUTRI-SPEC TESTING, and the results of these tests reveal the ways in which your body chemistry tends to slip off balance. From this information your doctor can give you specific recommendations regarding diet, and prescribe for you the nutrition supplements that are ideally suited to your specific needs.

NUTRI-SPEC TESTING is quick and simple. It includes a number of chemical tests on your urine and saliva. It also includes a check of your blood pressure and many other clinical tests. The entire testing process takes only a few minutes.

The Way NUTRI-SPEC testing works is this: Every condition or disease can be defined in terms of its Patterns of Metabolic Imbalance. In other words, rather than name and treat the "disease," we instead define and treat the pattern. In so doing, we have an individual-specific approach, derived from a scientific analysis and based upon the concept of biological individuality - i.e. no two bodies are the same. Each human body has different situations and nutritional requirements.

What makes nutrition complicated is BIOLOGICAL INDIVIDUALITY. This means simply that no two people are biologically identical, and therefore no two people need exactly the same diet and nutrition supplements to build and maintain good health. You and your neighbor are entirely different individuals biologically. A food that is nutritious for you may be unsuited for him. A vitamin supplement which gives a big boost to his energy level may leave you feeling tired and weak.

The simple truth is that there is no one ideal diet for everyone; there is no vitamin or mineral supplement that will improve everyone's health. The question of specifically what diet and supplements are best for you can be accurately answered only one way-with a scientific testing system.


(1) You will not be taking those nutritional supplements that could be making you tired or sick.

(2) You will not be wasting your money on nutritional supplements that are not doing you any good.

(3) You will be taking all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will make you as healthy as you can be.

(4) You will know just what foods contribute the most to your health, and those that are the most harmful.

(5) You will have a doctor who can scientifically monitor your nutrition needs as they change with age or during times of stress.

(6) You will have a doctor to whom you can bring your family or refer your friends for scientific nutrition testing.

You want the very best nutrition. Now you can have it. Ask about NUTRI-SPEC TESTING today!

If Nutri-Spec is not available in your city, click here for the Nutri-Spec Diphasic Nutrition Plan.

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