Patient Testimonials


I am a 32 year old male living in Florida. Recently, my girlfriend took a trip to Miami and brought me back a case of the flu. I take natural vitamins on a daily basis, but they did not seem to knock out the residuals. I would wake in the morning with my head stuffed and throat closed up. One morning, after a week of this, my girlfriend asked me to drink 2 ounces of a new all natural product called Seasilver. I did so and miraculously the next day I felt like a new person.

Seasilver will be a part of my daily regimen from now on as it has proven itself as a healthy supplement." — D.J.

"...the next day I felt like a new person."

"I've been taking Seasilver for about a month. Not for any reason except it sounded like a great product for all around health. What I'm noticing is that I'm stronger, I have more energy and I don't tire as easily as I used to. I think Seasilver will be part of my life from now on. The company calls it a foundational health product - that's exactly what it seems to be for me!" — J.V.

"I don't tire as easily as I used to."

Buffer pH+

"Prior to taking the Buffer pH supplement I had soooo much heartburn that I was eating Rolaids like candy.

Then I mentioned my dilemma to Dr. Decuypere and she talked to me about two things. One, my diet and she shared with me a chart showing which foods were acidic and those that were alkaline base. And second, the Buffer pH supplement to replace the Rolaids.

So now as long as I take the supplements and don't go too crazy on my food I don't have to worry about heartburn anymore."
— C.A.


Nutrient Charts

""I wanted to write and tell you how much I love your Nutrient Charts - they have really filled a need I had as a busy mom and wife. Like anyone else, I really wanted my guys to get as much good nutrition as possible from the foods they eat. But how could I figure that out and make sure they are getting a balanced diet?

With your charts, it's very easy to see what nutrients are contained in a banana, if that's all your toddler wants to eat at dinnertime. Then, if I want to add some more vitamins and minerals to that, I just check the charts to see which of his favorite foods contain the nutrients he needs. If my husband needs extra selenium, for example, I can look it up and feed him something he likes that is rich in that nutrient. It makes me feel so much better knowing I'm making the effort to feed them well. Your charts make it easy for me to do that on my busy schedule. And if they have not managed to get all the nutrition they need to stay healthy, I can easily work out what supplements they may need. These charts are great!" — M.W.P.


Treatment Programs

"On Friday I bumped my head on a cabinet. By Monday I was nauseated and in pain along my neck to my back. I also experienced a sleepless night along with poor concentration. My visit with Dr. Decuypere was amazing. Within one hour all my symptoms were gone. I was very tired so I slept for several hours. The doctor explained that my body had gone into shock as a result of my accident. The most shocking event of this whole incident was the short period of time it took for me to heal after Dr. Decuypere attended to me! As a footnote, since I have been under Dr. Decuypere's care (over two years) I have not experienced any of the seasonal bacterial or viral infections that a majority of individuals contract. Dr. Decuypere truly has magic fingers. Many, many thanks always." — M.D.

"Within one hour all my symptoms were gone."

Migraine Headaches

"This is a true testimony to Dr. Decuypere's application and correct estimation of effort of muscle testing. I have been suffering through serious migraine headaches each and every month with my period — for TEN YEARS. In just two weeks Dr. Decuypere has handled the exact source of this previously incapacitating situation. I had seen innumerable chiropractors, doctors and nutritionists. Only Dr. Decuypere correctly diagnosed the problem and handled it. This was no small miracle for me. I seriously have been given back several days of each month that otherwise would have been lost. I cannot put a price on that. Thanks for being a GENIUS." — K.M.

"Only Dr. Decuypere correctly diagnosed the problem and handled it."

Chronic Fatigue

"Chronic Fatigue has been a problem for me for a long time. I have tried Candida treatments and diets. I've tried Acupuncture along with injections. I saw an MD who wrote a book that claimed to solve Chronic Fatigue and he did allergy scratch testing and I went through a period of avoiding different foods and taking some special drops. I've gone to many different Chiropractors in California and in North Carolina. I've gone to Alternative Medicine Centers. During this time I have had some periods of improvement but, basically, the treatments were all to no avail. Now I'm being treated using NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique), and I am experiencing longer and more consistent spurts of energy. I know this will only get better as I continue with NAET. It's the first real hope I've had to actually eliminate the allergies that have been sapping my energy for years. I was so happy when I heard Dr. Decuypere was using NAET to treat her patients. She's simply wonderful! And she's dedicated to helping her patients really do well. I could not have found a better combination – NAET and Dr. Decuypere." — D.E.

"... she's dedicated to helping her patients really do well."

Female Problems

"When I went to see Dr. Decuypere the first time, I was almost convinced I had a bad heart and was not long for this world. but something told me that if I got the right help it could be handled.

Two friends in the same day - one in Michigan and one in Clearwater, recommended that I go to Dr. Decuypere. So, of course I had to!

I told her my symptoms, she worked her 'voodoo' on me and within minutes she had a program of supplements worked out and was explaining to me what was happening with my body and how we would deal with it.

The amazing part of this is that the symptoms that I'd had for 2 months disappeared in 48 hours, and never recurred. Then we went to work on my monthly cycle and pre-menopausal symptoms. The the second amazing thing occurred - no more menstrual pain; easy cycles - for the first time since I was 13 years old.

Our next battle is taking off some extra weight, but on my last visit I had no complaints - and that's never happened. In all my years of searching for solutions, this is by far the most success I've ever had! " — C.Y.

"...the symptoms that I'd had for 2 months disappeared in 48 hours, and never recurred."

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