Mighty Mins - a chewable multi-vitamin mineral for children from Nutri-Spec

What are Mighty Mins?

Mighty Mins are a complete nutritional supplement designed especially for children who are growing up in today's world of poor nutrition and depleted soils. They are carefully formulated and thoroughly tested to ensure the best possible quality and effectiveness. Today, due to the use of harsh chemical fertilizers in agriculture, we have a population with a serious deficiency in many important nutrients. While there are a number of good-quality supplements on the market formulated to help adults remedy these deficiencies, relatively few companies are developing nutritional supplements specifically to address the needs of growing children. Even fewer companies have engaged in clinical studies to measure the effectiveness of their products.

What Makes Mighty Mins Superior to Other Products?

In today's busy world, children are continually being subjected to fast, pre-packaged foods, prepared using methods which strip the few remaining nutrients from what they eat. Caring parents are in a constant battle with television and billboards advertising the latest junk food items to their children. Mighty Mins have been scientifically formulated to contain the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and trace elements which are absolutely essential for the healthy development and continued growth of your child's body, nervous system and brain. The vitamins and minerals in Mighty Mins are in the most bio-available forms for maximum absorbency and nutritional benefit.

What Studies Have Been Done With Mighty Mins?

Wouldn't you want the children you love to be the best that they can be, unhampered by an inadequate diet? Even the most careful and concerned parents are aware that it can be very difficult to get their children to eat the foods that will make them strong and healthy, but few parents are even aware that improper nutrition affects behavior and intelligence.

A study conducted by a group of researchers proved that Mighty Mins can actually help children with behavioral disorders. The participants in the study were 27 children aged 3 to 10 years who had attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and/or conduct disorder, and/or oppositional defiant disorder. Thirteen of the children had been diagnosed or labeled with ADHD. The children were evaluated before and after taking Mighty Mins with seven neuro-biological factors selected from the Pediatric Behavior Scale which are recognized as predictors of violent, addictive, and suicidal behavior. These included temper bursts, inattentiveness, learning problems, impulsiveness, compulsiveness, moodiness, and social inappropriateness. The supplementation of the Mighty Mins yielded significant improvement in all seven factors. While the length of time between the pre- and post- tests was up to 12 months, many children experienced dramatic improvement in their behavior within only one to three weeks. These kinds of positive changes early in life can have a major impact on a child's future potential.

What About Trace Minerals?

Studies have shown that trace minerals are extremely important for children. They are needed to assure proper development of the brain and nervous system, the hormone system, the cardiovascular system, and the musculoskeletal system. Supplementing with these trace minerals is critical for two reasons: 1) trace minerals have been depleted from our soils and are no longer obtainable from our food, 2) children need far more trace minerals than adults. Mighty Mins provide your child with a full complement of vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals in their most bio-available and bioactive forms. Also, unlike some other multiple vitamin formulas, the ratio of trace minerals to vitamins is such that the vitamins will not deplete the body of the trace minerals. It is a largely unrecognized fact that supplementation with vitamins can actually further deplete trace mineral levels. This means that the typical children's supplement may contribute to the destruction of your children's health by further depleting them of critical trace minerals such as zinc, selenium, chromium, and manganese.

Children Love Mighty Mins!

Mighty Mins are not just a reengineered version of an adult supplement, like some other products on the market. Rather they contain many essential ingredients that are just not commonly found in children's multiple formulas. If you want the best for your children, this children's formula is the very finest available. And best of all, they come in a chewable wafer form that tastes great, and that your children will love to take. Give your children a very special advantage. Start them on Mighty Mins today.

Mighty Mins Supplement Facts

Recommendation: Give Children's Mighty Mins after meals as follows:

  • Age 6 mo - 30 mo, 1 per day (break or crush if necessary)
  • Age 30 mo - 5 yr, 2 per day
  • Age 6 and older, 3 per day

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