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Do you want to do everything you can to look good and feel great throughout a long, healthy and active life? Are you concerned about the health and well being of your loved ones? If so, you owe it to yourself to read this article, and learn some rather shocking facts about the food industry.

The Truth About Many Nutritional Products

What you are about to learn about nutritional supplementation may be quite contrary to everything you have been lead to believe, so I ask you to bear with me and continue reading with an open mind. It has been said that knowledge is power, and the truth you are about to learn will give you and your family the power to truly control your health for perhaps the first time.

To illustrate the misconceptions that have been created by the health food industry, perhaps in most cases not intentionally, let us take the example of vitamin C. Vitamin C is probably the most recommended nutrient as a remedy for a large variety of ailments, from sore gums to a cold and flu therapy. Vitamin C has been promoted as having beneficial anti-oxidant properties. It has been promoted as "good for" almost any condition you can name. Also, it has been said that no amount of Vitamin C can be harmful to you, because it is a "natural substance," so your body can use what it needs, while any excess is excreted in your urine. Unfortunately, the truth is very different.

Shocking Facts About The Misuse of Vitamin C:

  • Did you know that Vitamin C depletes your body of many mineral and trace mineral nutrients? (See reference #1 below). The truth is that your kidneys cannot excrete Vitamin C at all without combining it with an important mineral nutrient such as calcium or magnesium or zinc. Every single molecule of excess Vitamin C that gets dumped into your urine steals from your body an important mineral nutrient.
  • Did you know that Vitamin C can particularly cause a deficiency in the essential trace mineral copper? (2)
  • Did you know that excess Vitamin C can actually cause high cholesterol? (3)
  • Did you know that the "anti-oxidant" Vitamin C can actually decrease the activity of ceruloplasmin, one of your body's most important anti- oxidants? (4)
  • Did you know that excess Vitamin C can damage the DNA (the genetic material inside each of your cells) and also damage cell membranes because of its oxidant (not anti-oxidant) activity? (5)
  • Did you know that because it is such a strong oxidant (not anti-oxidant) more than 500 milligrams of Vitamin C will cause the formation in your DNA of oxoadenine, a powerfully damaging toxin which particularly can harm the heart and other organs? (6)
  • Did you know that Vitamin C can convert the mineral iron to a form that damages the blood vessels and leads to hardening of the arteries and heart blockage? (7)
  • Did you know that Vitamin C can auto-oxidize, and instead of being an anti-oxidant to protect you against free radical damage, will actually cause free radical damage? (8)
  • Did you know that excess Vitamin C will cause the formation of the toxic chemical pentosadine, a marker of premature aging and tissue destruction? (9)
  • Did you know that Vitamin C causes destruction of proteins in your body that will accelerate the aging process? (10)
  • This acceleration of aging by Vitamin C is particularly pronounced in anyone with a diabetic tendency. The protein destructive effects of Vitamin C are particularly associated with cataract formation.
  • Did you know that Vitamin C in doses greater than 180 milligrams is a total waste of money because it is not absorbed and tends to cause gas and bloating in your intestinal tract? (11)
  • Eighty to ninety percent of Vitamin C is absorbed up to a dose of 180 milligrams, but beyond that, absorption decreases rapidly so that at 5000 milligrams doses only 24% is absorbed, while the rest just irritates your digestive system.
  • Did you know that Vitamin C (which is supposed to be "good for the immune system") can actually increase the incidence and spread of cancer? (12)

Are you beginning to get a little nervous about all that Vitamin C you have been taking?

You see, the factual, scientific case that was just made against irresponsible Vitamin C supplementation could be made just as well against almost all vitamins as well as all minerals, and all trace minerals, not to mention amino acids, herbs, and nearly all other pills and potions promoted by the health food industry.

When used irresponsibly, Vitamin C becomes a harmful oxidant instead of the anti-oxidant that it should be. In its damaging role as an oxidant, Vitamin C destroys the activity of another important anti-oxidant—Vitamin E. But, the reverse can also occur. Too much Vitamin E will also act as an oxidant instead of an anti-oxidant and in fact, doses of Vitamin E much above 140 milligrams will actually destroy the activity of Vitamin C. (13)

We also mentioned above the effects of Vitamin C in depleting you of copper. That essential trace mineral is also depleted by excess intake of the trace mineral zinc. You may be surprised to learn that only two weeks of zinc supplementation of 18.5 milligrams is enough to cause a copper deficiency. (14)

Another problem with excess zinc supplementation is it will actually cause high cholesterol. (15)

You have now seen that both Vitamin C and zinc work against the activity of copper. How many people do you know that are taking Vitamin C and zinc because they are both "good for the immune system?" This combination has such a powerful anti-copper effect that it can actually cause cardio-vascular disease. (16)

Now that the truth has been exposed, what is a health-conscious person supposed to do? Stop taking supplements altogether? No. The human body really does need supplements. Many, many studies have shown conclusively that our high carbohydrate modern diet is so devoid of essential nutrients that we are all at risk for unnecessary health problems. Just how much damage is being done when our nutrition needs are not met? Research shows that fatigue, mood changes, and weight gain are all signs of the stress of under-nutrition. And these conditions, not remedied, can be the forerunners for more severe conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The good news is that there is one multiple supplement which has been developed to give you everything that may be missing from your diet, as well as the high-powered nutrients needed to keep you looking and feeling your best while preventing the development of degenerative diseases. The name of that supplement is Activator. Activator is part of a brilliant system of nutritional analysis called NUTRI-SPEC, developed by Dr Guy Schenker. Based on performing numerous in-office tests, the NUTRI-SPEC system allows the practitioner to discover multiple dimensions of metabolic imbalances that may be causing complex patterns of symptoms and ill health.

The special Advantages of Activator

You may be wondering how Activator differs from the typical multiple supplements that you can buy at the health food store. The answer is that Activator offers two specific and important benefits. The first is the broad diversity of nutrients. Activator contains 37 uniquely formulated nutritional factors. The second benefit that Activator provides is the high biological activity of the nutrients. The composition of these nutrients is such that they are easily absorbed, which provides maximum contribution to the efficiency to your body's metabolic processes. In other words, Activator gives you nutrients with the highest biological activity, in quantities designed for maximum absorption and utilization.

Another component of Activator is that the Vitamin C is in fat-soluble form. This form of Vitamin C is retained and utilized far more effectively than ordinary water-soluble Vitamin C.

An even more important benefit you get from Activator is its mineral and trace mineral content. Again, efficiency of absorption and utilization is the key. Another benefit of Activator when compared to other supplements is its high proportion of trace minerals to vitamins. Activator has been formulated with careful consideration given to the typical modern diet. Bread, cereal, and beverages are (as you know) commonly fortified with B and C vitamins, yet they contain little, if any, trace minerals.

Perhaps the most important advantage of Activator is that your body absorbs virtually all the nutrients. Most vitamins and minerals can be absorbed through only a very short section of your intestines. Many do not even begin to dissolve in your intestine until they have passed the point of absorption. However, when Activator is taken after a meal, it breaks down completely long before it gets even to the beginning part of your intestinal tract, so that all the nutrients are properly absorbed.

Scientific evidence shows that Activator provides the perfect foundation of your nutrition plan. Start taking Activator today, and notice the difference for yourself. Order here!

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